CLUB: STEAKHOUSE : Danielsan, Kim Kemi, Moltov & Jan Brandi

fredag d. 22. juni 2018
Kl. 23:55 - 08:00

Kl 23.55

Fredag 22.Juni
23.55 – 08.00
Fee : 50 kr

Hej venner, bedste venner, bekendte, kammerater, kollegaer og DIG❤️

Vi gør det igen og denne gang med fint besøg af vores dejlige ven Daniel. Bryn har vi sendt til Prag for at spille lidt med Nina Kraviz, det synes vi ikke vi ville stå i vejen for…
Håber på at se jer alle til endnu en fantastisk nat/morgen, I ved det bliver røv fedt!

Krammere fra os alle 4 ♥
Danielsan, Kim Kemi, Moltov & Jan Brandi




CLUB: Klangkuenstler // The Hunts / Azpecialguest / Kipp @KB18

lørdag d. 23. juni 2018
Kl. 23:55 - 08:00

KL 23.55

Klangkuenstler // The Hunts / Azpecialguest / Kipp @KB18

Klangkuenstler // The Hunts / Azpecialguest / Kipp @KB18
Saturday June 23. 2018
Doors open 23.55
Fee : 60 kr

The Berlin-based DJ and producer KlangKuenstler is the best example that talent isn’t just a matter of luck. You also need the courage to believe in your own skills while steadily developing them, so it’s no coincidence that KlangKuenstler became one of the most promising house artists of the German scene within the last three years

In 2013 his track „Barfuss auf Wolken“ was released by the quality label Stil vor Talent and reached more than one million plays online and „Hand in Hand“ released o Soundplate was supported in the BBC Radio 1 show by Rob Da Bank.

Only one year later, his debut album „That’s Me“ marked a milestone for the young newcomer, which soon resulted in him playing at renowned clubs over Europe, as well as festival stages at Global Gathering, SonneMondSterne, Bestival, Dockville, and Mystic Garden. With the increase in international gigs, KlangKuenstler also refined his sound, merging old-school vibes, funky hooks and – drum samples in an effective balance as proven by his hit „Jam Master Jack“ (Smiley Fingers), which climbed to #1 on Beatport’s Tech House charts in the spring of 2016.

Whether deep, booty or tech house – his sets and productions neither fit into a simple category nor do they follow popular trends.

KlangKuenstler stands for a strong characteristic sound with high memorability by focusing on an infectious blend of percussion and rhythm. From his releases on Toolroom, Suara, Simma Black or Great Stuff to the numerous gigs such as Stil vor Talent’s label showcases – KlangKuenstler is always seeking for exciting variations within his style.
The Hunts (DK)

The Danish DJ-duo The Hunts are not only the perfect match behind the decks but also in real life. They are known for their bouncy bass house and melodic funky power sets, the energy on stage and love sharing vibes. The female half of the duo, Rebekka Zahl Christensen, has been involved in the Copenhagen underground scene as a DJ and event organizer for a good amount of time before she met Jonas Jagd, a fellow DJ, and event marker of many years, and in 2014 they formed the Dj duo The Hunts. Since then, they played many gigs all over Copenhagens various clubs,
Azpecialguest (CPH Deep)
In almost a decade Azpecialguest has traveled around with his music and DJ skills.
Besides numerous parties in Copenhagen Azpecialguest has visited DJ booths in USA, Germany, Portugal,
The United Kingdom just to name a few.

When Azpecialguest is behind the decks he plays a mix of deep house, melodic tech house with a dash of afro and techno.
It all depends on the time and mood on the dancefloor.

As a member of the Copenhagen Dj collective, CPH Deep Azpecialguest has hosted some wicked parties the last couple of years.
Beside being resident and co-creator of the club IG60 he once a month cohost the CPH Deep Radioshow at Heartbeats.dk.
Kipp ( CPH Deep)




CLUB: Parallel w/ Saytek (Live)

fredag d. 29. juni 2018
Kl. 23:55 - 08:00

KL 23.55 – KLUB

Parallel w/ Saytek (Live)


Just think, in a parallel universe there is another you who made a choice, that you were only wishing to make.
The only choice for this night – Dance♥

Your guides for the night:

Saytek Live
Nominated Best Live act DJ MAG ::: Mixmag Album of the Month (Cubism | KMS | Superfreq | Soma | Emerald City | My Favorite Robot | fabric | Liebe*Detail | Bedrock | Motech | Monique Musique | Wiggle | Lucid Flow | Detone | Bullet:Dodge | Lapsus )


More TBA


Host: NILU

KB18 – Copenhagen meatpacking district
Kødboderne 18 – 1714 KBH V.




lørdag d. 30. juni 2018
Kl. 23:55 - 08:00

LIVE: The Dwarves (US) + Nick Oliveri Band Death Electric (US) + Riverhead (DK)


mandag d. 16. juli 2018
Kl. 20:00 - 01:00


The Dwarves (US) + Nick Oliveri Band Death Electric (US) /Riverhead (DK)


The Dwarves (US) + Nick Oliveri Band Death Electric (US)
Support : Riverhead (DK)
MONDAY 16th JULY 2018
PRESALE : 100 KR : https://billetto.dk/en/e/the-dwarves-us-nick-oliveri-band-death-electric-us-riverhead-dk-tickets-271172
DOOR : 120 KR


Video: https://youtu.be/siAeNGGmynQ

Teen pop whiz kid ANDY NOW mans the boards for the TAKE BACK THE NIGHT LP (GREEDY/BURGER) as the DWARVES embrace their ‘turd in the punchbowl of punk’ legacy. Old school vets like VADGE MOORE and SALTPETER, studio pros like NICK OLIVERI and A TRIBE CALLED JOSH FREESE and flat out demented scallywags like the FRESH PRINCE OF DARKNESS join HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED for a spectacular and genuinely creepy record.

BLAG the RIPPER and REX EVERYTHING split vocal duties like fire and ice or Abbott and Costello. The JULIO 7” (GREEDY/RIOTSTYLE) reminds America that the DWARVES will rip off the RAMONES as shamelessly as they bite JUSTIN BEIBER’S dance moves and the INDIGO GIRLS’ fashion sense.

Drummer HUNTER DOWN, on hiatus from rock pinup ensemble DECENT CRIMINAL, comes aboard to reduce the Dwarves average age to below 70 for the first time in decades. Returning to Europe, the UK and Australia the DWARVES team with BONO for the short lived YELLOW charity campaign.

More festivals, club dates, comic conventions and Girl Scout jamborees bring the Dwarves to a new generation of twisted youth who know real rock when it smacks them in the face and yells FUCK real loud!

Short of G.G. Allin, it would be hard to name a punk rock band that went further to establish a bad reputation than the Dwarves. Playing deliberately crude, high-speed punk rock dripping with bad attitude, the Dwarves — led by vocalist Blag Dahlia and guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named — matched their music with lyrics that celebrated all sorts of bad behavior, and their album covers almost invariably featured full frontal nudity. Add in the band’s live shows, which often lasted less than 20 minutes and occasionally included a physical assault on the audience, and you have a recipe for infamy, which the Dwarves rode to a lasting cult following.
The Dwarves began in Chicago as a teen garage rock outfit called the Suburban Nightmare, and the garage/psych sound was partially carried over into the first Dwarves release, 1986′s Horror Stories. After the first album, the Dwarves relocated to San Francisco and evolved into a faster and sleazier punk rock outfit, as documented on the 1988 EP Lucifer’s Crank. In 1990, the Dwarves signed with Sub Pop Records and released their most notorious album, Blood Guts & Pussy, a ten-song, 13-minute assault packaged in a sleeve that featured two naked women covered in blood and a nude dwarf covering his midsection with a rabbit. Blood, Guts & Pussy became the talk of the underground music press, and the Dwarves blazed across the country on tour, leaving a trail of blood from their own self-inflicted gashes, a bagful of drug stories (according to popular myth, bassist XXXXX disappeared in Detroit on a crack binge during a 1992 tour, never to be heard from again), a litany of bizarre stage-show sex acts, and the wreckage of numerous 15-minute-long live shows.

The Dwarves unsurprisingly self-destructed shortly after a failed hoax; shortly before the release of the 1993 album Sugarfix, the band issued a press release stating that guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named had died. Sugarfix also carried a tribute to the guitarist, who in truth was very much alive. Sub Pop was not amused when they learned the facts and dropped the band, which soon went on hiatus. But the Dwarves re-formed for 1997′s The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking, and Epitaph Records signed the band in time for 2000′s The Dwarves Come Clean. Four years later the band returned with The Dwarves Must Die, including guests Dexter Holland from the Offspring, Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stone Age, Nash Kato from Urge Overkill, and voice actor Gary Owens. In 2009 the band began to work on a new album, this time recruiting past members of the band like Salt Peter and Vadge Moore to play on the album instead of an all-star celebrity cast, and released The Dwarves Are Born Again in 2010. The year 2011 brought the EP Fake ID, and in 2014 the troublemakers returned with the album The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll.

Nick Oliveri Band – Death Electric
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rexeverything666?lst=572177690%3A1234728519%3A1512564076
Spiller nr. fra hans tid i Mondo Generator, QOTSA + hans solo projekter..

Nick Steven Oliveri (born October 21, 1971) is an American musician from Palm Desert, California. He plays bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and is a vocalist. He is most widely known as a bassist with Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Dwarves, and has also performed with the reunited Kyuss under the names Kyuss Lives! and Vista Chino. As a bandleader, his main project is Mondo Generator, a punk/metal hybrid that he formed in 1997.

Born in Los Angeles, Oliveri began his career in 1987 with John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Josh Homme and Chris Cockrell under the band name Katzenjammer. In early 1989, after Oliveri’s departure to play in other bands, the band would change its name to Sons of Kyuss, later shortening the name to Kyuss. He later rejoined the band, playing on the albums Wretch and Blues for the Red Sun. Oliveri would leave Kyuss again in early 1992, shortly after his father died in a car accident. Following his departure from Kyuss he joined The Dwarves as an on again off again bassist under the moniker Rex Everything. However he is perhaps best known as a member of Queens of the Stone Age from 1998 to 2004. Oliveri is also a solo artist and frequent contributor to his friends’ albums and tours, including Winnebago Deal, Mark Lanegan Band, Masters of Reality, Turbonegro, Moistboyz aka Dickie Moist and the O.T.C., and The Knives. In the past he has been involved with The Desert Sessions Vol. 4 and Vol. 6. Oliveri is known for playing bare chested and sometimes naked at gigs. Most memorably, he was arrested in Brazil, after performing nude on stage at the Rock in Rio festival in Rio de Janeiro.[3] He is also one half of the acoustic duo The Uncontrollable, with The Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia


Mads, Martin, Jonas, Mixen
Post Hardcore Rock from Copenhagen/Malmö.



CLUB: Oliver Koletzki (Stil vor Talent, Berlin)

lørdag d. 15. september 2018
Kl. 20:00 - 09:00



KL 23.55 – KLUB

Oliver Koletzki (Stil vor Talent, Berlin)

RAW Cph presents Oliver Koletzki

more infos soon