LIVE: Ufomammut [Ita]+Usnea [US] - support: Late Night Venture


mandag d. 16. oktober 2017
Kl. 20:00 - 23:30

LIVE KL 20.00

Ufomammut [Ita]+Usnea [US] – support: Late Night Venture

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UFOMAMMUT + Usnea + Late Night Venture
DØRE KL 20.00
FORSALG 100 KR : https://billetto.dk/en/e/ufomammut-usnea-late-night-venture-tickets-208600
DØR : 120 KR

UFOMAMMUT (ITA/Neurot Recordings/Supernatural Cat)

Ufomammut is a power trio formed in Italy in 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita, a lineup that has remained stable since.

The trio have developed a sound characterised by lengthy songs centered on repeated heavy riffs coupled with droning vocals and the use of sound effects and synths.
8 is the Ufomammut’s 8th album, comprised of 8 tracks that flow into each other without interruption.
This flow can also be seen when you tip 8 horizontally, thus it morphs into the leniscate from algebraic geometry – ∞ – a plane curve that meets at central point – or more commonly known as the infinity symbol.
A continuous stream of movement reflective of the uninterrupted nature of the album but also the continued togetherness of the essential elements of the band – Urlo, Poia and Vita – since the beginning of the band’s history in 1999. ∞ tipped vertically sees us return to the number 8.
It must be stressed there is no singular pronunciation of the title, 8 is to be spoken in every language e.g. “eight” in Engish, “otto” in Italian, “acht” in German, huit in french and so on.
8 is a continuous flux of music, a singular entity, which can be defined in micro measurements by its 8 satellite songs.
Each track expands upon the preceding song, unfolding into an exceedingly dense and malevolent journey, resulting in this being Ufomammut’s most extreme venture yet, with no permittance for breathing space in the 48 minutes.
Ufomammut’s status as one of the most potent, powerful and artistic contemporary doom artists in existence continues to captivate the masses, and the band’s worldwide grasp grows wider with each release.
Ufomammut’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective of which Poia and Urlo form a part, who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact.

USNEA (US/Relapse records)

Portland doombringers USNEA spawned in late 2011 from the cerebral minds of Justin Cory (Guitar & Vocals), Johnny Lovingood (Guitar), Zeke Rogers (Drums) and Joel Williams (Bass, Vocals). The quartet has proven to be a seismic level force of destructive creativity with a massive yet meditative sound, masterfully crafted songwriting, and a clear yet non-derivative influence from doom legends such as Disembowelment, My Dying Bride, Neurosis and YOB.


Den københavnske kvintet Late Night Venture har efterhånden 3 albums og mere end 200 shows i ind- og udland bag sig og tager med deres seneste album “Tychonians” et skridt videre i udforskningen af deres personlige og unikke fortolkning af moderne post- og space-rock. Denne aften vil bandet bl.a. spille en del af det nye materiale der brygges på i forbindelse med et kommend album som ventes på gaden næste år.




CLUB: Moist presents: My Favorite Robot

lørdag d. 04. november 2017
Kl. 20:00 - 09:00

KL 20.00 : TBA


KL 23.55 – KLUB

Moist presents: My Favorite Robot


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