LIVE: Mash-UP Revolution //HIP HOP-DANCEHALL// Bombastiske broderskab, Rebel, Maloke, Daniel Williams// conqouring soundsytem Youngblood soundsystem

CLUB: Mash-UP Revolution //HIP HOP-DANCEHALL//Bombastiske broderskab, Rebel, Maloke, Daniel Williams// conqouring soundsytem Youngblood soundsystem

torsdag d. 17. april 2014
Kl. 22:00 - 05:00

Mash-UP Revolution //HIP HOP-DANCEHALL//

Bombastiske broderskab, Rebel, Maloke, Daniel Williams

conqouring soundsytem Youngblood soundsystem





CLUB: Tipi - Wilde showcase. Sierra Sam // Djuma Soundsystem //Denis Horvat

fredag d. 18. april 2014
Kl. 23:30 - 08:00


In collaboration with the marvellous Berlin based WILDE agency we hereby present:





All presented by:



▲▲▲▲▲ ARTISTS ▲▲▲▲▲

(WILDE / Upon.You / Souvenir)

Since being bitten by the techno bug some twenty years ago, Sammy Goossens aka Sierra Sam has been following the steady pulse of the kickdrum. Starting as a party promoter in his belgian home town Liege, it didn’t take long untill he hit the studio and immersed himself in the fine art of using drum machines, synthesizers, outboard effects – and solving MIDI problems. As part
of the 6th Sense Approach, a collective of befriended djs and producers with a shared love for technosoul made in the Motor City, he started releasing records on the belgian label Reload shortly after. Soon his solo tracks caught the attention of the legendary R&S Records, who signed him for their sub-label Generations in 1997. The b-side featured a remix by Underground Resistance mainstay James Pennington aka Suburban Knight, who he had
booked for one of his partys a year earlier and eventually started to work with him, co-producing Suburban Knight’s classic album “My Sol Dark Direction” for Peacefrog as well as various other singles and remixes. Apart from working with Suburban Knight he continued releasing records on labels like Pure Plastic, Teknotika, Rotation, Trapez Limited and Müller Records. His frustration about
not being credited for his work on “My Sol Dark Direction” resulted in starting his own label Toys For Boys with Marcus Vector. Under his new alter ego Sierra Sam (or D.I.Y. together with Vector) his sound embraced the emergent new wave of techno minimalism of the early noughties. In 2006 he relocated to Berlin where he started
working as a label manager for Jay Haze’s labels Contexterrior and Tuning Spork, which brought him to release on both of them. In 2009 he co-produced Bloody Mary’s debut album “Black Pearl” for Contexterrior .
More releases on renowned labels like Dirt Crew, Supplement Facts, Serialism, Upon You, or Souvenir followed and resulted in a busy schedule preforming live at some of the world’s most revered clubs like Goa in Madrid, Fabric in London, Rex in Paris, Wood in Brussels or Watergate and Panorama Bar in Berlin.
If he is not travelling the world he is managing Tiefschwarz’ label Souvenir, working on new music or hunting down his favourite drum machines and analogue synthesizers.


(WILDE / Noir / Audiomatique)

Djuma Soundsystem had a major radio and club hit with “Les Djinns” (the single biggest selling track on beatport.com) and has proved to be much more than a one off, with releases like “This sound”, “Atilla”, “Small fries”, “Zillion lights”, “Bipolar”, “Blizzard” and “Stoli”, on well known indie labels, like Get Physical, Rebirth, Soundz, IO and Tool Room. They have been remixed by Uner, Tiger Stripes, Trentemøller, Martinez & Moby, to name but a few and Djuma Soundsystems music has been charted and supported by all the major tech house DJ’s!


(WILDE / Upon.You / Get Physical)

Denis is not a guy to sit flat on his hands. With continuous good releases on well respected labels he is steadily monitored by the chief and deserves to be so by the house community in general.
A winning personality and his passionate and sincere approach to the music has paved the road for him to
prominent releases on labels such as Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir Music, Steve Bug’s Audiomatique as well as Noir Music and Get Physical.



One of the translations for „Wilde“ within the English dictionary is „the independant way of living“. Therefore the name of the agency fits perfectly to the profile. To stay open and flexible, aswell as to give new influences, space and love, this is the spirit of Wilde.



The founding father of the great TIPI.
He is behind numerous underground initiatives as well as established nightclubs and true-to-the-game bookings of Copenhagen.
Park raves, festivals, warehouse parties or outdoor events. He’ll pitch a rave tent on any lawn!

▲▲▲▲▲ OTHER INFO ▲▲▲▲▲

Dress as a PROPER indian and you might get in for free (+ indian firewater benefits***)

Venue: KB18 – Copenhagen meatpacking district
Kødboderne 18 – 1714 KBH V.

Doors open:

door: 50

*** Wanna get in for free???
We got a strict UGAUGA policy in the door. You gotta be ALL IN on the rave indian look. – The chief is fair, but not blind (The better you’re dressed up, the better the free-entrance-chances are)



CLUB: ReConstruct :: Geist *ALBUM LAUNCH* & Rickard Berglöf (aka Vibrasphere) @ KB18

lørdag d. 19. april 2014
Kl. 21:00 - 08:00


JOE BUCK YOURSELF (US) + COMMIE COWBOYS (DK) -19/4 – 2014 KB18 kødboderne
DOORS 21.00


Ladies and gentlemen, We are proud to announce that he living legend Joe Buck Yourself will head back over to Europe once again. He will cross the ocean for about 4-6 weeks in total, of which 4 weeks will be on mainland Europe. In addition, a part of the trek will feature Buzzoven singer and frontman Kirk Lloyd Fisher performing under the name of K.Lloyd. If you are interested in having either Joe or Joe and Kirk on your stage please get in touch for details.

Joe Buck Yourself (US)

The once anti-Nashville based Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. As Hank III’s villainous sideman onstage, the snarling upright bass player became infamously recognizable. Joe Buck Yourself is now a bona fide evil motherfucking, one man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punk rock ain’t your grandma’s hillbilly music. Joe Buck yourself, motherfuckers.


K.Lloyd (US)

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kirk Lloyd Fisher (aka k.lloyd) has emerged from deep within the Sludge Punk Rock scene virtually unscathed as a prominent solo artist.

Also the front man of legendary Buzzov*en, music runs deep in k.lloyd’s blood.

After some time off from the music scene, some soul searching, rehab, and a deep look within, k.lloyd’s music now helps a once broken man heal himself by sharing his trials and errors through lyrics and song.

His pain-filled scratchy vocals and often-eerie guitar riffs weave a life long tale of drug addiction, hard times, and a constant battle between good and evil…where evil often prevailed. The same blood that was shed nightly at epic drug-fueled Buzzov*en shows, still courses through his veins, which along with his music keeps him alive today – a miracle in itself. His original and haunting music is a gift to anyone who takes the time to listen…a story-filled Southern/sludge/country/folk sound that’s difficult to define, certainly hard to come by, and definitely hard to forget.




80′s inspired Punk / HC band from K-Town, Denmark. 7″ out on Dutch label “Gummopunx Records”. Free music download at http://soundcloud.com/commie-cowboys/sets

“Blistering punk/hardcore with a hard edge of Annihilation Time/Night Fever rock-influences you will love” – Punkdistro.de

“Another great entry into the K-town HC canon” – Sorry State Records

“COMMIE COWBOYS stand on their own, leaning heavily on the long tradition of mid ’80s American punk and hardcore” – Maximum Rock n’ Roll

“En bundsolid debut, som Commie Cowboys har grund til at være stolte over” – Passive/Agressive

“Gillar man sin hardcore rockifierad och lika otvättad som de tidiga Motörhead-skivorna, så ska man definitivt inte missa Commie Cowboys” – Lukinzine



ReConstruct :: Geist *ALBUM LAUNCH* & Rickard Berglöf (aka Vibrasphere) @ KB18

ReConstruct Music Pres ::

GEIST – Asymmetric Records – UK (“Stimuli” Album Launch)
- https://soundcloud.com/glenc

- http://www.tribalvision.cz/

GLEN C – Iboga Rec – UK
- https://soundcloud.com/glenc

EMILIO – ReConstruct Music – DK
- http://soundcloud.com/emilio_cph

DJOKEY JOCKEY – ReConstruct Music – DK
- https://soundcloud.com/mariatextor


Glen C (aka Geist) is from London (UK) but now living in Malmö (Sweden). He plays a range of styles but can pin it down to a mix of tech house, techno and deep house. He’s been playing as a ‘working’ dj for about 18 years and has experience playing around the world (Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, India etc) to crowds as large as 10’000. He also featured at Fusion Festival 2012.

For the last 5 years Glen has been busy producing and remixing with a bunch of releases now under his belt. Now in late 2012 and 2013 brings a new alter ego from Glen in the form of ‘Geist’, aimed at a slower deeper tempo, expect big EPs through out the year on labels like Asymmetric, Iboga, Clubstream and Weekend Music! Early in 2014 the first full Geist album will be released on Asymmetric Recordings!


In 2011 one of the biggest and most influential progressive psytrance music projects ever to hit the scene closed down and its two members parted ways to focus on their own solo projects. Since then Rickard Berglöf has been touring the world and performing both his own new solo material and the older sound of his legendary trance project.

This evening he will perform a special retro set with all the best works from the Vibrasphere project from the golden age of progressive psytrance music.





tirsdag d. 22. april 2014
Kl. 21:00 - 01:00


ESOTERIC (UK) / PROCESSION (SWE) + TBA – 22. april 2014
DOORS 21.00
Fee: 70 KR


Dark, experimental, ambient doom/death metal,Esoteric
formed in July 1992, after the gathering of five individuals, inspired to create dark, innovative music that was evocative to and expressive of the contents of their psyche. The lyrics and music are reflections and transpositions of their thoughts, philosophies, emotions and experiences. The music captures the essence of the word ‘esoteric’




Doom Metal





LIVE: Horrible Houses (SE) + Halasan Bazar (DK) + Graevling (DK) + DJ's Hr Stefan & Frk Have

CLUB: Horrible Houses (SE) + Halasan Bazar (DK) + Graevling (DK) + DJ's Hr Stefan & Frk Have

onsdag d. 23. april 2014
Kl. 19:00 - 00:01

Horrible Houses (SE) + Halasan Bazar (DK) + Graevling (DK) + DJ’s Hr Stefan & Frk Have

KB18 og Fællesantenne præsenterer: Svenske Horrible Houses, der med mere end 10 år på bagen, har ikke tænkt at det første visit i Danmark skal gå unoteret hen. Halasan Bazar, Graevling og Fællesantenne har gaver med. Hr Stefan & Frk Have vender plader. Uhhhh.

Swedish band Horrible Houses has more than 10 years on it’s back and this first visit to Denmark won’t go unnoticed. Halasan Bazar, Graevling og Fællesantenne brings gifts. Hr Stefan & Frk Have will be flippin’ some records. Yummy!

Tix/Dør: 60,-



LIVE: HELHORSE + support: @SLÖA KNIVAR (S) + showcase: Oxx + Sort Søndag DJ + Fredagsmetalbars

CLUB: Rexie's B-Day Mayhem presents FRANCO BIANCO live!+dj Set, Kim Kemi, Denis Horvat & more!

fredag d. 25. april 2014
Kl. 18:30 - 08:00

LIVE : HELHORSE + support: SLÖA KNIVAR (S) + showcase: Oxx + Sort Søndag DJ + Fredagsmetalbar
(dørene åbner kl 18.30 til Fredagsmetalbar)

Efter en fantastisk aften og et udsolgt Templet i Lyngby d. 4 april vil Helhorse indtage KB18 til endnu en indendørs koncert inden de rammer festivalerne hårdt rundt i landet.

Denne gang får Helhorse fantastisk opbakning og support fra den svenske punkgruppe, Slöa Knivar, og showcase koncert med math-rock/metal-sludge/grind-jazz trioen, Oxx, fra Århus.

Slöa Knivar har de seneste år stormet frem på den danske og svenske rock og punk scene. Deres no shit hardcorepunk ført an af den kvindelige hæse overfaldsvokal fra Particia Pneedy og kontante rivende tempo giver nok den bedste punkoplevelse Skandinavien kan diske op med lige nu. Slöa Knivar spiller også på Roskilde i år – så i stedet for blot at læse om dem og kigge på Youtube, så kan du få en real life smagsprøve på KB18!


Oxx er en trio og et smeltedige af samtlige krydsreferencer som falder en smule uden for kategori indenfor musikgenrer. Oxx laver deres første showcase i København og de som har set dem før vil kunne vidne om man ikke går derfra helt den samme efter sådan en oplevelse. De mestre deres instrumenter og det virvar af genrer de befinder sig med en ådan finesse at mange musikere går hjem og føler at de må bure sig inde i øveren for at finde dette niveau.


Fredagsmetal har fået en fed aftale billig øl og shots i baren på KB18 til de som kommer tidligt og Sort Søndags Anders Bøtter slutter af med Dj set til KB18 natklub starter.

Vi ses til en SINDSSYG aften på KB18!

Vi kaster riffs og skåler med jer alle sammen efter koncerten


Billetter: DKK 80 kr i forsalg / en 100-mand i døren


CLUB : Rexie’s B-Day Mayhem presents FRANCO BIANCO live!+dj Set, Kim Kemi, Denis Horvat & more!

Yes I’m getting older and that calls for a celebration mayhem!!! Well the line-up speaks for itself, and really doesn’t need a special celebration..BUT BUT BUT..it just makes it more fun!

# FRANCO BIANCO live+djset (Hypercolour, Dilek Records)

# KIM KEMI (Darek Recordings, Highgrade Rec)

# DENIS HORVAT (Noir Music, Get Physical)


# BEAT PIECES (det for vildt)


Visuals TBA

More to come!

/// Franco Bianco

Since his first steps, Franco Bianco has been related to music and since then, he has polished a personal sound. Though he is an electronic musician orientated to the dance floor, his work covers from ambient or music to listen at home, to techno merged with folk, country and tango. That’s why he has been mentioned as “the Danny Boyle of electronic music” by some European media.

His music took him on worldwide tours (from Australia to Lebanon, through Japan, USA and Egypt), with more than 200 presentations in 27 different countries during the last 5 years. In many European countries, there have been queues to see his shows and in Cyprus he is a referent of the electronic music scene. His YouTube videos and social networking pages have thousands of visits, and he frequently does interviews for local media of the countries he is visiting. His vinyl records (the last three being sold out) are played by international artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier or the mythical Danny Tenaglia, among others.

Every year, from November until the end of December, he also presents himself in South and Central America, by offering a tour in these regions. He has played in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and in Argentinean mega festivals like Telecom Personal Fest (2004) as well as the last editions of Creamfields Buenos Aires (2008, 2009 and 2010). Talking about European Festivals, in 2010, he played at the well-known Circle of Love Festival, and in 2011, he played on the 1st of May at the Görlitzer Park as a headliner, in front of more than 7k people. From 2010 to 2012, he participated every year at the Midsommar Festival and Secret Island Nation (Switzerland and Sweden respectively). His last festival performance was at “Fête de la Musique” in Geneva, as a headliner in front of more than 5k people on the main stage.

His latest project was a Vinyl & CD edition, with remixed versions from singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler (winner of an Oscar in 2007), which he produced together with Nacho Benedetti. This important album also included the remixes of Mike Shannon and Jesper Dahlback. Franco has presented this album in 2011, from September until December in 23 European and American cities. On his SoundCloud page, you can listen to the Tour-Closing night, with the sound of the crowd. In this way, you’ll feel the energy of this unforgettable presentation.

In 2013, after 5 years of continuous touring and launches over the four continents, he finally found the time to work on his new album to be released mid-2014. He was also active with various DJ sets presentations instead of his usual LIVE set-up, that kept him busy in Europe and America during the last months of the year. The future of Franco Bianco is certainly similar to his music releases, totally eclectic and unpredictable.

/// Kim Kemi

Kim Kemi likes to get really close to the crowd.
“I like to play at small places because of the intensity. When you get that close to people, you can watch their faces and really see when you catch them with your music. That kind of interaction is awesome.”

His dj name fittingly depicts the intense chemistry between him and the audience. He performs behind the decks when he plays, transforming his delight in the music and the extra energy he receives from the crowd into sizzling bursts of enthusiasm and joy. He will bounce about like a live wire, a crazy bomb of energy. He will pull the audience into his sets and look like the happiest dj you have ever seen. Still, the word “melancholy” keeps popping up, when he talks about what moves and inspires him.

His groovy, deep and sexy sound, which he likes to describe as futuristic disco-techno, has given him dj-gigs all over the world (from Chile, Italy, Iceland to Schwitzerland and Spain), and he has run regular club nights at the best clubs in Copenhagen, like Culture Box,Dunkel, Jolene and KB18.

/// Denis Horvat

Croatian-born and Danish-bred Denis Horvat. The young producer grew up in the suburbs listening to his father’s old vinyls, everything from Billy Idol to Depeche Mode. He discovered electronic music from his love of drumming and loads of hours watching MTV. A love of bands like The Prodigy, quickly led to him tinkering early on with a DOS-based sequencer. These were his first steps in the world of music production. At the same time DJ’ing was an interesting topic. His first DJ gig was at the local club – a test pilot for his new productions.

Today Denis is based in Copenhagen and a frequent player in some of the finest underground clubs in the city. Still focusing on his productions and gaining attention through a prestigious resume of labels.
2012 lead him into the arms of Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir Music. Introduced on their annually “In The City”compilation, followed up by “Montre EP” – collaborating with his Mexican colleague and vocalist “Quiroz”. This made a new standard for Denis, and his courage stepped up to the next level.

The impression of Steve Bug’s Audiomatique Recordings also came to sight. “Dali EP” took the crowd with storm, and showed the variety of Denis’s skills. Later on in 2013 he released his debut EP on Noir Music, “Dual EP”. This came out as a split EP with Oliver Schories, which was another huge topic on everybody’s lips.
2014 brought him a signing to no less than Get Physical’s “Full Body Workout”. Furthermore Noir picked up “Chaleo” for his new EP series “TRX”. This one rapidly made it to the Beatport Deep House Top 100, with the likes of Booka Shade, Hot Since 82, Karotte and Noir himself.


LIVE: Showcase: A Road To Damascus + Be There Nowhere + SEA + Dog In A Bag

CLUB: EMOTIVE SOUNDS : Pascal Nuzzo (CH), Andrea Martini (IT), Chubby Monday (USA/DK), Naima (DK)

lørdag d. 26. april 2014
Kl. 19:30 - 08:00

Showcase: A Road To Damascus + Be There Nowhere + SEA + Dog In A Bag

Kom på KB18 lørdag d. 26 april og oplev en showcase med 4 stærke upcoming Københavnske rock bands, der alle vil præsentere nyt materiale fra kommende udgivelser!

Entré: 60
Døre: 19.30
Show: 20:00

A Road To Damascus https://www.facebook.com/aroadtodamascus
Med klare referencer til den amerikanske rock/pop-punk scene, en skarp sans for iørefaldende melodier, lige-til-benet sangskrivning og medrivende live shows er A Road To Damascus ( ARTD ) ikke blot godt igang med at etablere sig som et af Danmarks mest markante nye rock bands, men også som et godt eksempel på den nye generation af bands, der tager sagen i egne hænder: ARTD udgav deres debutalbum i 2011 og skabte Rock’N'Charity, en årlig velgørenheds tour, som sammenlagt har doneret mere end 60.000 danske kroner til Børnecancerfonden. Sammenlagt har ARTD spillet over 50 koncerter, blandt andet i Tyskland over flere omgange. Som et bevis på deres talent blev bandet nomineret til “Årets Rock Band” ved Underground Music Awards 2012 og ” Årets Hard Rock band” til Bands of Tomorrow Festival ’12 i Danmark.
Bandet drog for nyligt til Stockholm, Sverige og indspillede album nummer to i samarbejde med producer Dino Medanhodzic i Radionika Studios. På det nye album tager bandet et skridt tilbage lyrisk til at reflektere over deres liv og de valg de har foretaget undervejs, alt imens de tager store skridt fremad musikalsk og udforsker deres evne til at producere en endnu mere iørefaldende og effektfuld lyd. ARTD har for nyligt underskrevet kontrakt med Target Group (Mighty Music Records) som udgiver det nye album i august i år.

Be There Nowhere
BE there NOWHERE startede i 2011, og allerede efter et par måneder i øvelokalet, valgte de at indspille deres første EP ’Road To Nowhere’, med den øjeblikkelige publikumsfavorit ’First Time’ – en sang som også nåede ’TOP100 Download DK’ i de første uger efter udgivelsen, samt blev spillet på flere mindre radiostationer. Siden da spillede bandet på flere af de mindre scener i København, hvor flere koncerter var udsolgte, udgav to musikvideoer, optrådt på nationalt tv og startede indspilningerne til deres anden EP ’Out Of Nowhere’. EP’en blev udgivet i starten af 2013 og efterfulgt af singlerne ’Dreams’ og ’When We Were Younger’, som blev spillet flittigt på MyRock FM i årets slutning. Bandet optrådte også da kronprins Frederik gennemførte en IronMan i 2013, og spillede ud over Christiansborgs Slotsplads da han krydsede mållinjen.

I 2014 udgiver bandet deres nye single ’We Don’t Need Anybody’. Singlen er indspillet og skrevet i tæt samarbejde med producerne Jakob Winther (Mads Langer, Thomas Helmig, Rasmus Walter etc.) and Jon Trier Ottosen (Siamese Fighting Fish etc.).

SEA blander klassisk rock’n’roll, heavy rock og melodiske ballader til deres eget denim-inficerede udtryk, med tråde til rockens forfædre i 70erne og 80erne.
En stærk vokal, udfordrende arrangementer og en mission om at holde guitar-rocken i live, gør bandet til et frisk pust på den danske musikscene.
Med en ny-indspillet plade, som udkommer i løbet af 2014, er SEA klar til at slå deres navn fast og bevise hvorfor de er “one to watch”.

Dog In A Bag
Dog In A Bag er 100 % deres egne. De gør med en ægthed som man uden tvivl vil mærke fra første gang man hører en sang med dem, uden at kunne give en reel forklaring på hvorfor men DOG in a BAG rammer lige ind i sjælen, med deres dynamiske blanding af bas og trommer, til en rytmisk guitar samt sang med stærke melodier. Genren er alternativ rock og de har gæstet flere af Danmarks anerkendte spillesteder.


CLUB : EMOTIVE SOUNDS : Pascal Nuzzo (CH), Andrea Martini (IT), Chubby Monday (USA/DK), Naima (DK)


LIVE: I Declare War (US) / Martyr Defiled (UK) / Boris The Blade (AUS) /My Autumn (RUS) - KB18 - APRIL 30th - 2014

CLUB: I Declare War (US) / Martyr Defiled (UK) / Boris The Blade (AUS) /My Autumn (RUS) - KB18 - APRIL 30th - 2014

onsdag d. 30. april 2014
Kl. 20:00 - 01:00

I Declare War (US) / Martyr Defiled (UK) / Boris The Blade (AUS) /My Autumn (RUS) – KB18 – APRIL 30th – 2014

I Declare War (US) //Martyr Defiled (UK) //Boris The Blade (AUS)// My Autumn (RUS)
ONSDAG 30.APRIL – 2014
DOORS :20.00
MUSIC: 20.15
FEE : 80 KR + 5 KR FEE -PRESALE http://billetto.dk/i-declare-war-us–martyr-defiled-uk–boris-the-blade-aus-my-autumn-rus—kb18–-april-30th—2014

DOOR : 90 KR


I Declare War (US)


Martyr Defiled (UK)


Boris The Blade (AUS)


My Authumn (RUS)



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